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What to expect at your first dermatology appointment

At the practice of Dr. Betty Bellman, patients seeking dermatological care solutions with an experienced professional can make an appointment to visit with her and her team. Some patients are unsure as to what to expect at their first consultation with a dermatologist. It is important that Miami Beach, Florida area patients visiting a dermatologist for the first time feel comfortable and at ease during their time with our doctor. Below are just a few things patients can expect from their initial visit with Dr. Betty Bellman.

What does a dermatologist do?

A dermatologist is a medical professional who focuses on the health of the skin, hair, and nails. This focus allows them to provide a wide range of treatments, as well as help diagnosis and address various medical dermatology concerns. Many patients think dermatologists just handle acne, but there is much more to this profession. A dermatologist may help a patient with a skin rash, nail fungus, or even cosmetic concerns such as the development of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

What should I expect at my first dermatologist appointment?

A dermatology visit is similar to any other type of doctor visit. You will be asked the reason for your visits, complete paperwork on your medical and family history, and be given an initial assessment with height, weight, temperature, and blood pressure. Patients spend time talking with the dermatologist about their concerns, and an evaluation is performed to provide a proper diagnosis. Once a diagnosis has been made, Dr. Betty Bellman will provide educational information for patients to help them make a knowledgeable decision in the treatment options best for their needs. Working with a dermatologist with a well-known and positive reputation is a great start in the right direction!

Schedule an appointment with a dermatologist you can trust

Miami Beach, FL area patients who are in need of a dermatology appointment with Dr. Betty Bellman are encouraged to call her facility at (305) 534-8480 to request a visit. Her facility, located at 4302 Alton Road, Ste. #705, proudly accepts new and existing patients seeking general or cosmetic dermatology solutions for the skin, hair, nails, and body.

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