Pediatric Dermatology in Miami Beach, FL


Pediatric Dermatology Treatments With Dr. Bellman

Dr. Bellman treats children of all ages from infants to teens. Children can have common conditions such as dry, itchy skin, allergies, hives, acne and warts. Impetigo is a common bacterial infection from staph or strep that occurs frequently on the face. Kids should get their moles checked annually to make sure there are no suspicious moles present. Children can get rashes from viral infections, streptococcal infections and medications. We see many insect bites, jellyfish stings and poison ivy. Teens have many concerns about their changing bodies, their complexions, acne scarring and hair. Dr. Bellman treats ringworm of the scalp which is caused by fungus.

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To learn more about Dr. Bellman's pediatric Dermatology services, please call us at 305.534.8480. Our dermatology practice serves Miami Beach, FL.

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