Nail Diseases


Psoriasis can affect one nail or all finger & toe nails. The most common abnormality is called pitting. Many other nail diseases cause pitting such as eczema and alopecia areata. Psoriasis can cause the nail bed to separate from the nail causing onycholysis. The nail turns white or yellow and can mimic a fungal infection. Sometimes the nail can thicken underneath or appear abnormally shaped. Nail deformity can also occur with fungal infections and a disease called lichen planus. Sometimes a nail clipping and/or culture are necessary to differentiate between the two conditions. Dr Bellman treats a variety of nail conditions such as allergies, eczema, warts, overzealous manicuring etc… Aging can cause longitudinal; ridges in the nail. Pigmented bands can be many things such as moles, pigment and less commonly malignant melanoma. They are more common in African Americans. A new pigmented streak on the nail is often biopsied to make sure it is not malignant. Fungal or yeast infections of the nail are very common and can be treated with topical medications, oral drugs and Laser. We offer V Raser Laser treatments which are very successful in many patients suffering from this condition. The nail region can also develop bacterial and viral infections which can be exquisitely painful and require urgent treatment.

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