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Is coffee bad for your skin?

For many Americans, the smell and taste of coffee are part of their morning routine. But did you know that even though coffee may taste great, smell good, and give you the energy boost you need to start your day, it can also be affecting your skin? Dr. Betty Bellman of Miami Beach, FL, is a dermatologist in the community who can educate you on how your morning cup of joe is affecting the health and appearance of your skin!

The ways in which coffee impacts your skin:

  • Hormones and oil production. Because coffee is highly acidic, it can interfere with your natural hormone levels and the amount of oil your skin produces, often causing oily skin that might once have been properly balanced.
  • Increased acne. Acne-prone patients may find that certain coffee drinks that use dairy products will increase the development of pimples and pustules.
  • Dehydration. Because coffee can dehydrate the body in the same way sodas and alcohol can, it can result in red skin and increased inflammation. This dehydration can also cause dry skin patches throughout the face if proper moisture is not restored.

How can I improve my skin’s health?

First and foremost, it may be time to break the morning coffee habit. Caffeine is an addictive substance that can cause patients to experience side effects if they abruptly stop consuming it on a regular basis. Instead, we encourage patients to consider weaning themselves off coffee and caffeine products and switching to ice water. Many patients who drop the coffee habit not only save money and their skin but will improve their overall health with increased water consumption. In addition to dropping caffeinated products like coffees and sodas, patients can monitor their daily nutrition by eating a healthy diet free from empty calories and high in fruits, vegetables, and whole foods. Our team may also work with you to help you develop a skin care regimen that meets your skin’s unique needs and improves texture, tone, and health.

Ready to learn more about how your nutrition impacts your skin?

Connect with Dr. Betty Bellman and her team at Miami Beach, FL, to discuss your nutrition and skin. Call 305-534-8480 to request a consultation appointment and initial skin evaluation to find products and services that meet your needs and solve your skincare concerns.

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