IPL (Alma Laser) Fotofacials


For most benign pigmented lesions that are of a cosmetic concern, there is a non-surgical option using the 540 hand piece available on the Harmony®XL. By exposing a pigmented lesion to short pulses of visible light, the temperature in the highly concentrated melanin can be raised sharply, enough to shatter the cells containing the melanin. The body then replaces these cells with new cells generated by the surrounding untreated area. Cosmetic flaws may be caused by heredity, medication, pregnancy or environmental factors. Patients with redness and pigmented lesions are ideal candidates for non invasive pulsed light treatments. Selective pulsed light energy is precisely absorbed by the target areas, without damaging healthy skin. Selectively heating and closing off blood vessels, AFT pulsed light remove brown spots and fades redness and broken capillaries.

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