How To Get Rid Of Summer Body Acne

acne treatment Summer is a season where most people are eager to show a little skin. However, you may be reluctant to slip into a bikini or swimming trunks if you have “bacne.” In our blog, we provide treatment options to reduce the likelihood of getting summer acne.

How Does The Summer Influence Acne Breakouts?

With the summer comes hotter temperatures and more outdoor activities and sponsored events. Due to the increase in outdoor events, we are more likely to sweat during the summer. The sweat is usually able to sit and dry on our skin before we can wash it off. Overtime, our pores become clogged with bacteria that turn into acne, whiteheads, blackheads, and other blemishes.

What Are Summer Acne Body Treatments?

Exfoliate Regularly

You can remove the buildup of dead skin cells and bacteria by exfoliating. You may need to exfoliate up to four times a week for several weeks before you see a reduction in acne. It is also advisable to moisturize after exfoliating to protect your skin from dryness and exposure to debris.

Wear Breathable Clothing

You are more likely to sweat if you wear tight clothes because they’re not moisture-wicking. Your sweat is more likely to cling to your body if you wear certain materials like latex, rayon, nylon, and polyester because the materials are not breathable. Cotton and linen afford more breathability and reduce sweat buildup.

Use A Cleanser That’s Right For You

You can’t assume that a body acne treatment will work for you just because it is expensive, comes in great packaging, or has a lot of positive reviews. Everyone’s body is different. Our hormones, daily activities, genetics, and other factors play a role in our body acne. Therefore, you may need to try multiple brands of cleansers and acne solutions before you find one that works for your skin type.

Visit A Licensed Acne Dermatologist In Miami, FL

As mentioned earlier, your genetic makeup, hormone levels, and other factors influence how often you have acne breakouts and how your skin handles sweat and bacteria. Therefore, you may not be able to resolve your summer bacne issues without the help of a licensed dermatologist. A dermatologist is best suited to assess and treat your skincare needs. For professional help, contact Betty Bellman MD at 305-534-8480.

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