Hair And Scalp


Hair and Scalp Disorders

Dr. Bellman treats a variety of scalp diseases from the common cases of dandruff to male and female hereditary thinning. Less commonly people can have serious scarring inflammatory diseases such as lupus and lichen planus and alopecia areata. There are many medications that can cause hair loss.

Does an Itchy Scalp Require Treatment?

Many people get itchy scalps and do not seek treatment. This can lead to infection from scratching and picking.

Other Possible Hair and Scalp Issues

Patients can get moles on their scalp as well as tumors, warts, ingrown hairs and cysts. One can also get skin cancer on the scalp so it is important to examine your scalp. Dr. Bellman sees many children with lice that have tried over the counter products without success.

Laser Treatments for Hair and Scalp Disorders

We offer therapeutic low level laser treatments to increase the scalp circulation and promote healthy hair growth. This treatment is done in our office for approximately 30 minutes per sessions. Treatments are usually a few times a week for optimal success. They are painless and inexpensive.

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