Does sun exposure cause freckles?

istock 1174894575 Freckles. 

Some patients love them, while others want to reduce their appearance. Some have them year-round, while others might experience an increase in freckles after spending time in the sun. Freckles themselves are rarely a concern, though some patients would prefer not to have them. These tiny specks of hyperpigmentation are typically nothing to be concerned of, and there are ways to reduce their appearance for aesthetic reasons. 

Can sun exposure cause freckles? 

Some patients have a predisposition for freckles, and when spending significant time outdoors, they may notice that their freckles will darken. However, sun exposure itself does not “cause” freckles, per se. It can make them darker and more noticeable, and they may develop anywhere, including the face, shoulders, and arms. 

How do I address freckles? 

Some patients don’t mind their freckles, while others don’t care for them—especially if they increase and cause irregularities in one’s skin tone. There are some ways in which patients can prevent freckles, such as limiting sun exposure, wearing high SPF sunscreen, and wearing clothing that protects their skin when outdoors. While these can help in reducing the development of new freckles, it does not address existing ones. In situations such as this, patients might consider speaking to Dr. Betty Bellman about the benefits of using laser therapies and chemical peels to lighten existing freckles while addressing other skin concerns, including uneven pigmentation, acne, and skin laxity. Additionally, women who have freckles on the face that are impacting their skin tone may also utilize cosmetics, such as concealer and foundation, to reduce the look of freckles during the day when they desire smoother, more even skin appearance. 

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