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Common causes of allergic contact dermatitis

If you’ve ever developed an itchy rash after being in contact with a specific substance, you have already experienced allergic contact dermatitis. This condition is the reaction caused by contact with a product that touches the skin. Dr. Betty Bellman of Miami Beach, Florida is here to help patients not only diagnose their condition, but find out the source of allergen to avoid future episodes and breakouts. 

What are some of the common causes of allergic contact dermatitis? 

Below are just a few of the substances that frequently cause problems for many patients subjected to allergic contact dermatitis: 

  • Plant extracts
  • Preservatives
  • Cosmetic ingredients
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Fragrances
  • Metals

What happens with allergic contact dermatitis? 

When a patient is exposed to a substance that results in an allergic reaction, they will often experience the development of a rash along with redness and itching. This can be extremely bothersome, which is when patients call Dr. Betty Bellman for assistance. Oftentimes, our team will perform patch testing to determine the allergy, and then offer prescription-strength products to ease the rash and itching. Patients are advised to avoid the item that caused their reaction to ensure it doesn’t continue or reappear in the future. Avoidance is the best way to keep the skin healthy and free from rashes. 

What can be used on the skin to address allergic reactions? 

There are several ways for a dermatologist to address allergic contact dermatitis. For some, allergy medications such as Benadryl will help ease discomfort, while other medications such as anti-itch creams can help patients become more comfortable when dealing with rashes and itching. During an evaluation, the cause of the allergic reaction is determined and patients will be given medications to assist. For many, topical products are used, while oral medications may also be recommended by our team. 

Call Dr. Betty Bellman today! 

Miami Beach, Florida area patients who are struggling with allergic contact dermatitis are encouraged to speak to a dermatological professional about effective treatment solutions. Dr. Betty Bellman is available at her practice at 4302 Alton Road, Ste. #705 and accepts new and established patients who call for a visit at (305) 534-8480.

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