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Blu-U Light Therapy for Acne

Acne is a condition that can affect anyone at any time. In fact, many adults still struggle with managing acne that may have started in the teen years. Anyone who has had significant acne understands how frustrating it can be to manage it. With the help of a dermatologist, many patients can alleviate the concerns and achieve clearer skin! Dr. Betty Bellman of Miami Beach, FL is a dedicated professional who can help patients reduce their acne with several treatments of the Blu-U light-based therapy for acne.

What is Blu-U light therapy?

With Blu-U light therapy for acne, patients who are having difficulty maintaining their acne on their own may find that integrating this treatment can help tremendously! Using a specialized blue light that kills off the germs that clog the pores and result in acne, patients can dramatically improve the appearance of their skin. This light is used to kill off the bacteria that is known for acne. It is a comfortable and painless treatment that is performed right in the office of Dr. Betty Bellman. The area being treated is exposed to a special handpiece that delivers blue light to kill bacteria from the surfaces of the skin. When combined with other therapies such as oral medications, prescription skincare products, and facials, patients will be able to eradicate their acne faster than ever thought! This treatment is best for patients who are unsuccessful at managing their acne with other services, including those who have severe cases that would prefer clearing of the skin sooner rather than later.

Who is a candidate for Blu-U light therapy?

Any patient with acne may benefit from Blu-U light therapy, but should also work with Dr. Betty Bellman to develop a skincare plan that meets their needs as well. The combination of the two should provide noticeable changes in the skin’s texture, tone, and health.

Call Dr. Betty Bellman to learn more about Blu-U light-based therapy for acne

If you are struggling with maintaining your acne with over-the-counter or prescription-based products and want to combine another treatment for noticeable results, connect with Dr. Betty Bellman for an appointment. The office is located at (305) 534-8480 and is conveniently located at 4302 Alton Road, Suite #705.

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